What is strategy to you ?

As a brand or company, strategy helps you incorporate visual identity and web design into your branding. Simply put you have values, an audience and goals; mapping those out before starting any design process is essential to be successful. Going over design strategy can be a great way for business new as well as old to recenter their focus and find strong guidelines in which to grow.


Branding is the overarching theme of a brand or company, it is created by knowing your values and communicating said values through all your channels. Branding is how you speak,how you dress or even what type of drinks you offer clients. Strategy is used to understand the unique branding of your company and translate it into visual communication.


You’ve certainly heard of target audiences, in business plans or in marketing related conversation. Whether or not you have a specific niche in mind at this moment in time, strategy can be a good tool to realise and readjust what your ideal client looks like.


A core value that I hold as a designer is communication, my job through strategy is to enable communication for you, so you can in turn enable it in your clients. Communication comes in many shapes and forms and is not a one way battle. To get the most out of it, listening is as important if not more, than expressing is. This is why if you have any questions, I will gladly answer them to the best of my ability.

What is visual identity to you.

Visual identity is an overall concept for your entire visuals, a logo is usually a center point of the identity, with patterns, color schemes, font pairings, etc. These key features are used over all print and digital content, to give consistency and appeal to your brand or company as whole. Ultimately visual identity is a guideline to guide you through all visual decision present and future.

Logo creation

A logo is a central part in a visual identity, it’s primary role is to be recognized easily. It is important to have strong strategy to create a sustainable logo, a logo should not try to communicate too much information, it should be simple and straightforward. Marketing wise it is the top of the funnel.

Digital design

Digital design is more present then ever before, social media and the internet have taken over most people's daily lives. Visual content on those platforms comes in all shapes and forms, all this in vast amounts. Standing out in these circumstances requires a strong visual presence. Knowing your audience has never been as important and the use of modern creative techniques such as animation is key.

Print design

Print design is still relevant in this day an age being less overwhelming and more personal, well designed print speaks directly to the viewers. Being consistent through both digital and print design, can lead to an overall more grounded feel and presence. Print has also greatly evolved technologically speaking, and is not exclusive to paper, more and more people wrap their cars and find other creative ways to show off their visual identity.

What is web design to you.

In 2019, there are thousands of ways to have an online presence, one of the traditional ones is a website. A website has the advantage of being able to fit your visual identity and branding a lot better than social media templates and company listing platforms. A website is your best employee, it can made to fit your brand and values, it is active 24/7 and is often the first place people go to to know about you.

Bespoke website

Now a days there are a plenty of resources such as wix or squarespace to create your own website off a template, which is some cases is just what people need to get started. I for one use Webflow which I can use as a designer to create website without the restrictions of templates and having to code redundant meaningless content. It has the benefit of also having a great CMS* which is essential on the users side to have an easier time editing content etc...

E commerce

Webflow also comes with fully customizable E commerce options, again unlike shopify or squarespace which offer templates that can be great in some cases. Through webflow I can offer a custom experience of online retail.


This might be self evident, but an overlooked advantage of working with a designer locally as opposed to using templates or hiring someone through an online marketplace is network. Throughout the years I’ve made plenty of contacts in the design industry that I will gladly share with you.